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1720 viewsThe substitution of one chemical for another in meth recipes may cause the cooking process to be more hazardous (resulting in fire or explosion) or may result in a finished product with unwanted or dangerous effects.Feb 21, 2010
1599 viewsMany dangerous chemical ingredients are used to make meth. Also, chemical by-products such as toxic phosphine gas may be formed during meth manufacture. This may occur through planned chemical interaction, or by processing errors, such as increasing cooking temperatures too rapidly. Feb 21, 2010
1341 views A minimum of 5 to 7 pounds of chemical waste are produced for each pound of meth manufactured. Feb 21, 2010
1344 viewsAfter a lab has been abandoned or shut down by law enforcement, the property is usually found to be contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Methamphetamine is made (or ‘cooked’) from common, easily-available materials, using one of several basic chemical processes. There are hundreds of chemical products and substances that are used interchangeably to produce meth. Feb 21, 2010
1400 viewsMeth Lab ingredients can fit into portable containers and move from place to place.Feb 21, 2010
1650 viewsToxic chemicals are used to cook meth. More poisonous by-products are created during the dangerous and explosive cooking process.Feb 21, 2010
3182 viewsWhen these ingredients are mixed and "cooked" together they make a dangerous drug and potentially harmful chemical mixtures that can remain on household surfaces for months or years after "cooking" is over.Feb 21, 2010
Meth Labs2108 viewsA meth lab is a clandestine drug lab. It is a collection of materials and ingredients used o manufacture illegal drugs.Feb 21, 2010
1652 viewsMeth labs have been discovered in hotel and motel rooms, restaurants, barns, private homes and apartments, storage facilities, fields, vacant buildings and (moving or stationary) vehicles. Feb 21, 2010
1774 viewsMethamphetamine is made mostly from common household ingredients as seen below in these meth lab photos.

Feb 21, 2010
4092 viewsThere may be health effects in people exposed to lab chemicals before, during and after the drug-making process. Therefore, each meth lab is a potential hazardous waste site, requiring evaluation, and possibly cleanup, by hazardous waste professionals. Feb 21, 2010
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