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Crystal Meth Community Task Forces

Training Materials

This is a freely available 75 page booklet for Task Force members and the public at large. You can read this in an hour or two. It is a good start on getting a concept on this issue. Click on the links, read it online, save it to disk, print it out and distribute widely.

Meth Prevention Cookbook

This book is available as a series of PDF's which can be viewed, printed and distributed freely. It is provided courtesy of the Washington State Narcotics Investigators Association.

METH's Historical Perspective
National Trends
Pierce County Perspective
What do the Numbers Show?
Anticipated Trends for 2000 and Beyond
What Can You Do?
Drug Description
"A Rose by Any Other Name..." What Does METH Look Like?
So How is it Packaged?
Post Cooking METH Storage
So How Does a User Use METH?
So What is the Profile of a Cook/User?
What You Can Do?
Making METH
Items Needed for Cooking METH
What You Can Do?
What Does a Neighborhood METH Lab Look Like?
Cold Cook Labs
What Should You Do?
Community Hazards Posed by METH
Fires, Explosions, and Toxic Air OH MY!
What are the Safety Rules?
Bio-Environmental Hazards
What Every Homeowner Should Know
Children Beware! Child Welfare Endangerment
What Can and Should You Do?
Physiological/Psychological Affects
Physical Changes
Psychological Addiction
Treatment for METH Addiction
What Are the Other Changes?
What Does a "Tweaker" Act Like?
How to Act if Confronted
What Can You Do to Help Someone?
What Else Is Being Done?
Agency Contact Sheet
Closing Remarks

Together we can help our youth and community

Be Crystal Clear TM