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CrystalMethBC - Meth Information Website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Crystal Meth facts, usage, long-term effects

·  What is crystal meth and how is it taken?
·  What are the long-term effects of using crystal meth?
·  What’s in crystal meth?

·  What is crystal meth and how is it taken?

Crystal meth is the name given to methamphetamine, a man-made drug that was first made 111 years ago. It is s stimulant drug like cocaine, crack cocaine, speed, and caffeine.

Crystal meth is a white or off-white powder or crystal that can be snorted, smoked, injected, eaten or inserted into the vagina or rectum. When smoked it produces an odorless smoke. It is sold now [2004] for $10-15/point and one dose will produce effects for 8+ hours. It goes by the names: meth, jib, gak, speed, crank, ice, sketch, crystal and tina.

Crystal meth is different from the speed of the 1970s because it is:

  • five times more potent
  • about two times more pure (approaching 100% pure)
  • easily made with recipes found on the internet – requiring accessible over-the-counter chemicals
  • smokeable
  • cheaper and more accessible

These things make crystal more addictive.

Crystal increases sociability, sexual drive and high-risk sexual behaviour…People often take crystal to lose weight, be more productive – making young girls vulnerable to use. When taking crystal meth, people feel sociable, sexy, smart. They have less appetite, more interest in repetitive activities, and need less sleep.

(Source: Information sheet by D. McGhee, M.D., Victoria, B.C., 2004)

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·  What are the long-term effects of using crystal meth?

Long-term use of crystal methamphetamine can lead to:

  • rapid weight loss and malnutrition
  • intense paranoia
  • hallucinations
  • mood disturbances
  • rages and violent behaviour
  • delusions
  • death due to brain hemorrhage or cardiovascular shock.

(Source: Centre for Addictions Research of BC fact sheet, Fall 2004.)

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·  What’s in crystal meth?

The main component is ephedrine, which can be obtained from cold and allergy products that contain ephedrine or pseudophedrine. Crystal meth is made from easily acquired ingredients and may contain such things as:

  • acetone       lithium batteries
  • iodine      rubbing alcohol
  • drain cleaners containing sulfuric acid or muriatic acid
  • ether (engine starter)   paint thinner    kerosene

(Source: London Drugs brochure, “Methamphetamine Abuse is Everyone’s Problem”)

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