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CrystalMethBC - Meth Information Website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Who is this for? Using the Forums. Information how?

·  Who is the Crystal Meth BC website for?
·  How do we use the Forums to Ask & Answer questions?
·  How is information organized here?

·  Who is the Crystal Meth BC website for?

This site is for parents and youths, educators and youth workers, anyone who wants the facts about the poisonous and addictive substance called Crystal Meth.

The Goal of the website is to be a central information clearing house and communications channel for families and workers struggling with the Crystal Meth problem.

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·  How do we use the Forums to Ask & Answer questions?

The Forums are for communications and give and take discussions. Eight forums are in place on the Topics of:

  • Parent Resources
  • Justice System
  • Health Issues
  • Education System
  • Media Resources
  • Political Education
  • I Just Want to Talk
  • Testimonials - Users, Siblings, Family members

You Must site register for free to ask and answer questions in the Forums. Try to keep a particular Topic in the appropriate Forum. One value this adds is that people can later look through a given forum and find info germane to that forum topic.

When you are site registered, and we hope join Crystal Meth BC, you can post questions, comments and information pointers in the various forums. Check back later for answers and further comments from other members.

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·  How is information organized here?

Basic Contact Info for services and resources is found via the Resource Database link in the Navigation menu on the left. This is an index like the Yellow Pages and is searchable via keywords. eg typing in 'youth detox BC' in the Search Bar will return resource listings with those words in their name or descriptions.

If you are a resource we invite you to enter your data via the Resource web based form. Click the Resource link, then the Register New Account link. Fill in the data and get your Resource listed. We vet your data then activate your free listing.

The site Forums are available for Communications: asking and answering questions, offering ideas and suggestions. None of us deserve to feel 'all alone'. Others are coping with this too, and this website offers you support.

The Calendar lists meetings, talks, Meth focused upcoming TV shows, etc. Members can contribute to these listings.

The Revues link lists articles and reviews of useful books and films to help be more informed about the Meth challenge. Members may and Should Add Revues. The more the site is used and contributed to, the Better a resource it becomes.

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