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Personal Stories: I needed to use.
Personal Stories I know that a lady is doing a lot in communities and often I get to read something new, like tonight. I don't know if it would be fair to say that I was Colleen's best friend. I suppose you can hardly consider any two people while surviving in meth city "friends".

It might be fair to say that we were very close and freequently together since the begining of both our meth addictions. There is no question that I was lucky to have survived where she passed on. In my addiction I used to consider how close I was to being in the car that crashed with her. I had been in similar situations with her several times before.

It really hit me at the time, as you can imagine, however the needed power to stop was not there. I needed to use. Nothing was going to stop me. That was some years ago now...nearly 4. I'm currently 1 and a half years sober from all mind altering substances.

The obsession to use meth has vanished from me. I no longer suffer from cravings. I don't need it anymore. I think there are misconceptions about crystal meth which should be announced. If a recovering meth addict gets angry, or out of control it is not a reaction to the effect meth has had on his/her brain.

It is the reason that a person was using drugs in the first place. I used meth to deal with my inability to accept life. I was affraid and selfish, and these aspects of my character had been molded into me by years of causes and conditions. They led me to seek for an answer. I found several. I found that Anger was good.

I sought approval from all those around me. I started to use drugs and eventually graduated to crystal meth. Yes, crystal meth caused immense problems in my life. It caused me to act in ways I would not have acted otherwise. I was vicious, violent, and manipulative. I was in trouble with the law. This was the only ! way I ev er knew.

Crystal meth took quite a toll on my life and the lives of many of the people around me. I must say that I'm grateful today however that it did such a thorough job. With nothing left I was able to accept God, and take a long hard look at my life. I didn't get my life back, I got a new life.

The one I should have gotten to begin with. The one I would have chosen, anyways. The meth was not the problem. It was a symptom. I could even venture to guess that meth is merely a symptom of most if not all users.

Anyway, I don't think that the most effective way to control meth abuse among youth is to scare people into believing that the drug is the most terrible thing ever. They'll just pick up some coke, and then eventually start smoking rock.

I've met countless people in the past who have told me they do Ecstacy every once and awhile but they won't try meth because of how terrible it is. Gimmie a break! I mean it's a rediculous statement. I truly believe that the problem lies not in the drug and it's grip.

It would be hard for me, as a person who has used nearly every narcotic available, to designate meth as any more risky in terms of addiction than any other narcotic. It would even be hard in all my experience to classify it as any more destructive.

Meth has some poor qualities indeed, but there are several options to a youth who is maladjusted to living. I think it would be really great if we focused our efforts on the youth and eliminating the need for any of these options in the first place. I mean, EVERYBODY knows how devistating crystal meth is. It's EVERYWHERE.

Why would a rational person who's life is going 'A-OK' just one day decide to consume one of the most dangerous substances, according the media, known to man?? If things are alright, the rational person does not consume the substance. He knows better. His instinct for survival leads him away from it, automatically.

A person who try's meth for the first time and is so quickly caught in it's grip is not a "great kid"! who was victimized unsuspectingly by crystal meth. He was a kid already victimized who found a solution to his problem! It is an unhealthy solution, absolutely.

A person with no solution to an inability to live life is a sad scene though. I mean, where do you go from there? You need some answers. If the only answer you get is METH...it's better than none at all.

There is certanily then a chance to find the answers you've been looking for all along. through complete defeat to crystal meth I found those answers.

My hope is that someone might read what I have to say and for the sake of there kid, provide some answers... and If by chance another meth addict reads this...there is a better way.


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