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Crystal Meth SocietyThe oil portraits at Collingwood School stare out over a mostly empty lecture hall. They number 13 -- depicting former board directors or heads of school -- some seated in the garden, one with a hand on the hip, one holding a basketball. As many people, maybe 15 if you count the two guidance counsellors, pepper the 200-seat auditorium. Mark McLaughlin stands at the podium. He is lean, serious, intent.

The Victoria man points to a display of rat poison, cat litter, drain cleaner, cough syrup -- some common ingredients for cooking crystal meth. The corrosive toxic stew is one of the most addictive street drugs and years ago was flagged as a Vancouver area epidemic. Police say the home-cooked psychostimulant is now nation-wide.

"The secret of crystal meth is that it just wants more meth," McLaughlin says, looking out over his audience. "Crystal meth can reach in and take away from a person everything they have." Four years ago his teen -- he asks not to reveal any more about his family -- became a meth addict and a runaway.

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Posted by cryadmin on Monday, April 05

Public Meetings: 150 Attend ‘Be Crystal Clear’ Public Meth Info Show Presentation
Public Meetings “Meth - What Every Parent Needs to Know”

The Crystal Meth Prevention Society of BC today presented its ‘Be Crystal Clear’ Meth Info Show before a wide cross section of the community including MLA’s, Councillors, Westshore RCMP, SNAP Photo Magazine and CHEK TV News.

In a survey of 2700 students after seeing this show, 96 % thought that other people should see it too. 22 % said they know someone using crystal meth.

“Understanding how Meth works protects students and communities against street drugs in general and crystal meth in particular” said Society Executive Director Mark McLaughlin. “We are asking for Community support to help continue these presentations.”

‘Death by Jib’, a gritty video used as part of the presentation seen by students grades 6 through 12 was also shown. Over 150 audience members including many children with their families asked questions for 25 minutes after the show during an open floor discussion.

CMP Society ED. Mark McLaughlin MLA Horgan, Councillor Sifert, VREB Rep. Jim Bennett

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Posted by cryadmin on Sunday, February 21

Public Meetings: Be Crystal Clear - Northwest SD82
Crystal Meth SocietyNorthwest high school students -- and the general public -- are getting some graphic education this week about the dangers of crystal methamphetamines.

Mark McLaughlin, of the Crystal Meth Society of BC, was in Prince Rupert Monday and Tuesday, before heading to Terrace Wednesday, explaining the harmful -- and sometimes lethal -- effects of the drug.

McLaughlin will present a free show at the Tillicum Twin Theatres in Terrace at 7pm on Thursday night. Earlier in the day, he'll speak to students at Caledonia and Thornhill Secondary Schools, and will also address grades 6 and 7 students at the REM Lee Theatre earlier in the day. On Friday, he's at Kitimat's Mount Elizabeth School.

The show teaches the signs of meth use, explains what goes into cooking it and how the drug works, and looks at what a community can do to combat it.

The show consists of slides and a short film -- and is followed by a question-and-answer session -- Mark will also give away free "Be Crystal Clear" wristbands an T-shirts.

-- Terrace

Posted by cryadmin on Saturday, November 29

Drugs are an enduring threat that gets more ominous with the passage of time. Newer, cheaper, more potent and deadly than ever, illicit drugs can hook a user, literally, from the very first taste.

Marilyn Erickson, a recovered substance user, is all-too-familiar with the grip of drug addiction. Having managed to break free of her dependency she remains an outspoken crusader against the abuse of drugs, especially meth.

Erickson will speak during a Crystal Meth Workshop to be held on March 17. The event is being organized and hosted by the Sooke Family Resource Society and will run from 6 to 8 p.m. at 105-2145 Townsend Rd.

Erickson's bio indicates she is a co-founder and recent executive of Crystal Meth BC and its successful community meth task force. She focuses on helping others understand, cope with, and recover from the abuse of stimulants.

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Posted by cryadmin on Saturday, March 22

Public Meetings: The message was crystal clear — meth kills ...
Public MeetingsThe message was crystal clear — meth kills, and the end won’t be pretty.

Members of Crystal Meth Victoria Society made a presentation to Parkland secondary students this week to reinforce that message.

The Meth Info Show educates youth on how to recognize crystal methamphetamine, the effects that it has on the body and the devastation it wreaks on families. An 18-minute video that pulls no punches, Death by Jib, was shown to the students. The video was followed by an open question period with presenters and Crystal Meth Victoria Society cofounders Mark McLaughlin and Marilyn Erickson.

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Posted by cryadmin on Monday, December 11

Public MeetingsCrystal meth is not a policing problem. It is not a parenting problem. It is a community problem. And the community will have to work together to prevent the drug from ruining lives and taking a further toll on Langley.

"The key to building safer communities is working together," said Langley Township Councilor Mel Kositsky, who helped organize a crystal meth public forum that was held at the Township of Langley's Civic Facility on June 28.

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, July 07

Public Meetings: Invite to Crystal Meth Film & Forum -- with Dr Gabor Mate. May 19th, 1 pm & 7 pm
Public MeetingsCrystal Meth Victoria Society, Victoria BC.
You are invited to attend a screening of the new documentary, "Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear", part of a Crystal Meth Film & Forum.

The Crystal Meth Victoria Society, in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority, are sponsoring a free public screening of the award- winning documentary, with guest speaker Dr Gabor Mate, film-maker Eva Wundermann, and youth in recovery.

The Public Screening and discussion occur May 19th, with service providers at 1 pm and general public at 7 pm at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria Conservatory of Music, Quadra and Pandora. Enter off Pandora.

We are hoping you may attend. Please forward to anyone interested in this topic.

All best regards - Mark McLaughlin
President - Crystal Meth Victoria Society

Posted by cryadmin on Tuesday, May 16

Public Meetings: Crystal Meth Community Forum - March 2, 2006 - 7:00-9:00pm Courtenay BC
GovernmentFlorence Filberg Centre 411 Anderton Avenue

The Solicitor General will conduct a crystal meth forum in Courtenay to inform the public about crystal meth, convey the scope of the problem and address the health impacts of the drug.

In addition to the Solicitor General, Terry Waterhouse from the University College of the Fraser Valley will speak on the scope of methamphetamine use and production in BC, and Ms. Angela Marshall of Fraser House will speak on the drug's health effects and risks.

As the support and participation of the community is critical to the effectiveness of any strategy targeting methamphetamine, local civic officials and health authority representatives will be in attendance, as will the RCMP to answer questions.

The session will be an hour and a half in length followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers.

Posted by cryadmin on Wednesday, February 22

Public Meetings: Community CRYSTAL METH FORUMS
Public MeetingsThe Solicitor General will be conducting crystal meth informational forums in several centres across the province. The sessions will be an hour and a half in length followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers. New Website

VANCOUVER January 25, 2006, 6:00 - 8:00 pm The Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts 777 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC To register, call (250) 356-1560

KAMOOPS January 26, 2006, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Grand Hall - Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Road, Kamloops, BC To register, call (250) 356-1560

PRINCE GEORGE February 2, 2006, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Canfor Lecture Theatre University of Northern British Columbia 3333 University Way, Prince George, BC To register, call (250) 356-1560

Posted by cryadmin on Tuesday, January 17

Public Meetings: Crystal meth forum at Sooke community hall
Public MeetingsWould you put red phosphorous, iodine, lithium from batteries, paint thinner, Drano or muriatic acid into your body? Would you mix up this deadly cocktail for a high?

Hot ice, glass, quartz, blade, shards, biker's coffee and stovetop are just some of the street names for crystal methamphetamine. Like glass, shards or blades it can be deadly - and like crack cocaine it is highly addictive. It can be ingested, injected, absorbed, snorted or smoked.

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, October 21