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Personal Stories: Crystal clear about Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth SocietyCrystal Meth Society of B.C. founder Mark McLaughlin and meth survivor Kevin Henry hold common household items used to manufacture methamphetamine. They are speaking Thursday on the perils of using the drug.

There wasn’t one particular moment when Kevin Henry realized methamphetamines had dragged his life to rock bottom.

It wasn’t in the grip of hallucination, when he spoke to a telephone pole for two hours. It wasn’t trying to steal a police car or not eating or sleeping for weeks on end. It wasn’t even overdosing and surviving two heart attacks as a teenager.

“It was just years of people telling me I needed to stop this life,” said the 25-year-old Sooke resident. “I was 15 or 16 when I went into it. I was addicted pretty quick.”

Henry, now five years clean, will present his grim but redemptive story as a Victoria-area meth addict, as part of a Crystal Meth Society of B.C. talk at Isabelle Reader Theater on Thursday.

Henry spent about four years on the streets, living day to day as a petty criminal and meth smoker. Binges would last two weeks or more with little food or water. Doctors couldn’t understand why he was still among the living.

“One time I went (to hospital) for an overdose,” Henry said. “I had snuck in a pipe and drugs in my sock. I overdosed again on the bathroom floor.”

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, January 29

Crystal Meth UsersFormer Meth User Hit Bottom Before Turning Life Around. Drug Users Benefit From Community Centre

Nanaimo's Ryan Glover credits Vancouver Island University's Adult Basic Education program and a counsellor at a local recovery centre for getting him off the street and keeping him away from the drug use that almost ruined his life.

The former crystal methamphetamine addict will graduate from VIU this summer and wants to help others kick their addictions and become contributing members of society.

Glover, 36, understands what it is like to be homeless, involved with criminals, addicted to crystal methamphetamine and without direction and believes that if he can change others can as well. He knows what it is like to be at the mercy of an addictive substance and how that can lead to a life on the street. It hasn't been easy but since he hit his bottom he has realized that life has a purpose and wants others who are in similar situations to know they can do the same.

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Posted by cryadmin on Saturday, October 03

Personal Stories: ONT: Crystal Meth - Fast response needed Now
Crystal Meth UsersTake it from one who knows

When you look at Brittney McGee, you see a confident, well-groomed 23-year-old woman who is optimistic about the future. What you don't see is the ravages that a 10-year relationship with crystal meth and other drugs has left.

McGee is on her way to graduating from a 13-month rehabilitation program at New Life Home for Girls in Consecon, not far from Belleville. She spoke with The Post recently after her poem, "Crystal Death" reappeared in the opinion column Shades of Grey.

Her journey to New Life was a long and tumultuous one.

Right back to her childhood, McGee remembers being unhappy. "I always felt like there was something wrong with me," she says, admitting that now she knows there was not.

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Posted by cryadmin on Monday, April 13

Personal Stories: TEENS DRAWN INTO 'DRUG TRAP' - ''My dealer actually mixed the crack with meth.''
Crystal Meth UsersSurvivor Tells Harrowing Story Of Addiction

By the age of 12, she was regularly sneaking out of her southeast Calgary home, dabbling in drugs and hanging out with a much older crowd.

Her escalating drug use over the next year would ultimately lead to a fight with her mom. She ran away and moved in with a boyfriend who was in his early twenties.

It wasn't long before the teen was sleeping on the streets, where she got addicted to meth and worked as a prostitute. "I was just on the streets smoking crack all of the time," says Michelle, whose real name can't be used under a publication ban. "I knew where to get the crack.

"My dealer actually mixed the crack with meth."

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Posted by cryadmin on Tuesday, November 18

Personal Stories: TURNING POINT
Personal Stories Westville - Out of the corner of his eye Jeff can see red and blue lights flashing in his rear view mirror. A Westville police officer has his sirens blaring and is chasing the stolen vehicle at high speed.

Panicked, Jeff decides to pull the car over, but not before he gets rid of the evidence. Fifteen candy coloured pills could put the 18-year-old in jail for a long time. As he steers the car to the shoulder of the road, he fishes the ecstasy pills from the bottle and swallows them one by one.

"I don't know what I was thinking at that moment; I wasn't thinking," says Jeff, almost three years after the arrest he says changed his life. "I figured I had taken five ecstasy pills at once before, a few more won't be that much different."

But the high was different. Jeff was taken to the Aberdeen Hospital and treated for an overdose of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine ( MDMA ). After three years of being heavily addicted to the street drug ecstasy, Jeff had hit his rock bottom.

Today, Jeff is a different person. He has a daughter, a fiancee and is starting his life at 20. This former drug dealer and user has a message to parents who have teens living in Pictou County - ecstasy is out there and it's on the rise.

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Posted by cryadmin on Monday, May 19

Personal StoriesWhen an Okotoks couple found out their youngest daughter was hooked on crystal meth their world fell apart.

She was in her early 20s, working, living on her own and going to school part-time when a friend suggested she try something to keep her awake. She had no idea what she was taking was the highly addictive and highly toxic drug crystal meth.

It took more than a year of being hooked on the drug before her family found out what seemed like only an exaggeration in the woman's usual bubbly personality, was actually a potentially lethal addiction. It took her committing a crime before the truth was found out. After stealing from her employer to feed the addiction, the girl was arrested by RCMP and facing a lengthy court ordeal, she finally turned to her parents.

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Posted by cryadmin on Saturday, April 26

Personal Stories: I needed to use.
Personal StoriesI know that a lady is doing a lot in communities and often I get to read something new, like tonight. I don't know if it would be fair to say that I was Colleen's best friend. I suppose you can hardly consider any two people while surviving in meth city "friends".

It might be fair to say that we were very close and freequently together since the begining of both our meth addictions. There is no question that I was lucky to have survived where she passed on. In my addiction I used to consider how close I was to being in the car that crashed with her. I had been in similar situations with her several times before.

It really hit me at the time, as you can imagine, however the needed power to stop was not there. I needed to use. Nothing was going to stop me. That was some years ago now...nearly 4. I'm currently 1 and a half years sober from all mind altering substances.

The obsession to use meth has vanished from me. I no longer suffer from cravings. I don't need it anymore. I think there are misconceptions about crystal meth which should be announced. If a recovering meth addict gets angry, or out of control it is not a reaction to the effect meth has had on his/her brain.

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, January 25

Personal Stories: I have lost everything because of meth
Personal StoriesI have lost everything because of meth, time with my children and family was the worst. I can never replace it like I can a couch or coffee pot.

I still slip once in awhile and I need help,I know I'm not alone.Ihurt those that I loved the most those who meant the world to me including myself.

My children were so lonely for me and I chose drugs instead, I should have listened to my intuition and went home but I felt like I couldn't.I am home now and regret everyday that I was gone.

Posted by cryadmin on Wednesday, January 16

Personal Stories: I had to run away from it!
Crystal Meth UsersIt's been four years now that i'm clean!! In 2002, i've decided to go on a trip in voctorai B.C (i'm from quebec city) i went there for a year and i've used chrystal meth, for the owl year.

I tought,i'll never be able to get over it. I didn't had the choice, so i got back to my own town, to get myself better. It wasn't easy...It still not be!!! I'll have to fight it for the rest of my life, but now then i'm clean i've realize all the things around, everythings are important. i've allmost lost all of this...when i've lost my mind...

the only reason why i write today; it's cause i know that when you have that drug habbit, (espacially with the meth) you just think that you'll never be able to fight it. I had to run away from it! Everybody's able to find their own ways... never let this thing get over you!!! I know it's hard to believe... but believe !!!! A.

Posted by cryadmin on Saturday, January 12

Personal Stories: I hate living with meth
Crystal Meth UsersIm a 21 year old male. I started using meth at 17. Good family, good morals, lots of love ofcourse. National athlete, talented pianist etc etc etc....

I use everyday heavily. I see a cousiler, I went for treatment, I relapsed, I'm waiting for the next treatment center to take me in. I hate living with meth, its tormenting trying to live my life while knowing i have no control over my addiction.

All i want is to not depend on meth to get through the day, i don't remotely know or remember what it might feel like to live without it.

I think im doin the right thing but i know that meth takes you where it takes you, and i hope its no further than this far.

All in all i hope my breif story/feelings give someone something positive in their fight for hope.

Posted by cryadmin on Tuesday, December 25