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CrystalMethBC - Meth Information Website: Public Meetings

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Public Meetings: 150 Attend ‘Be Crystal Clear’ Public Meth Info Show Presentation
Public Meetings “Meth - What Every Parent Needs to Know”

The Crystal Meth Prevention Society of BC today presented its ‘Be Crystal Clear’ Meth Info Show before a wide cross section of the community including MLA’s, Councillors, Westshore RCMP, SNAP Photo Magazine and CHEK TV News.

In a survey of 2700 students after seeing this show, 96 % thought that other people should see it too. 22 % said they know someone using crystal meth.

“Understanding how Meth works protects students and communities against street drugs in general and crystal meth in particular” said Society Executive Director Mark McLaughlin. “We are asking for Community support to help continue these presentations.”

‘Death by Jib’, a gritty video used as part of the presentation seen by students grades 6 through 12 was also shown. Over 150 audience members including many children with their families asked questions for 25 minutes after the show during an open floor discussion.

CMP Society ED. Mark McLaughlin MLA Horgan, Councillor Sifert, VREB Rep. Jim Bennett

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Posted by cryadmin on Sunday, February 21

News Articles: Meth Mouth tales - Paramedics - Timmins ON.
Public MeetingsGums rot and teeth become so destroyed they fall out and become brown.

A group of five Northern College paramedic bridging students presented a slide show on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol yesterday at O'Gorman High School.

One of the images shown was of "meth mouth," one of the harmful effects of taking crystal methamphetamines.

"The image of someone with 'meth mouth' will be a good deterrent for teens," said paramedic bridging student Grant Belcourt. "Part of one of our classes is to do a presentation in high school and teach them the effects of drugs and alcohol. Paramedics should have a proactive role by trying to educate people."

Students learned the basics about different drugs, their street names and how they can also be mistaken for other drugs.

"The presentation was interactive and kept me interested the whole time. I especially enjoyed how it was created to relate to our age group," said Tina Fraser, a Grade 9 O'Gorman student.

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Posted by cryadmin on Wednesday, May 06

Public MeetingsVANCOUVER -- Three men shot dead and three others wounded in a single paroxysm of violence. A major methamphetamine lab busted on a residential street. Three people dead of drug overdoses in separate incidents on the same morning. Those might sound like dispatches from the front lines in a big city where police are grappling with a drug scene run by gangs, but they all occurred on small British Columbia native reserves.

The multiple shootings took place at a cocaine-fuelled bush party in Penticton in 2004, the synthetic drug lab was taken down on the Cheam reserve last summer and the three drug-overdose deaths happened just a few weeks ago on two reserves near Chase.

Now, all that activity is the focus of a conference in Abbotsford, where native leaders from about 40 B.C. bands will meet today and tomorrow with senior RCMP and provincial-government officials to discuss the growing problem, under the heading: "Organized Crime, Drugs, and Gangs in First Nations Communities."

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Posted by cryadmin on Thursday, February 26

Public MeetingsHow can communities use the theatre to unlock the knowledge that resides within them to respond to issues of addiction at a grassroots level?

Headlines Theatre's play Shattering begins with the premise that addicts come from somewhere: our communities. It is also within our communities that solutions dwell. By combining the multi-layered issue of addiction with Forum Theatre, Shattering engages our collective creativity. Audience members are invited to stop the action of the play, and replace characters onstage providing an opportunity to initiate dialogue and serve as a safe testing ground for experimenting with new ideas.

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Posted by cryadmin on Sunday, October 05

Public MeetingsErie St.Clair Meth Task Force

Crystal meth operations have yet to lay siege to this region. A newly created task force wants to keep it that way.

The Addiction Network of the Erie St.Clair Local Health Integration Network wants to keep methamphetamine operations from settling in Sarnia-Lambton and the surrounding areas.

The eight-member group, representing emergency services, municipal council and health-care workers from Lambton, Chatham-Kent and Essex counties, wants to address the use of meth and other prevalent drugs in a proactive manner.

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Posted by cryadmin on Wednesday, November 28

Public MeetingsCommunity Voices Concerns And Suggests Solutions

Addiction impacts everyone," says Lauren Casey, National Coordinator for the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women and a former drug user. "I know many mainstream folk who have, at some time, come across the issue in their own families."

Casey was one of the community respondents at the second Voices of Substance community dialogue, Approaches to Substance Use in Victoria, which took place last Wednesday at the Central Baptist Church on Pandora Street.

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Posted by cryadmin on Tuesday, July 10

Public Meetings When the provincial government promised in its recent budget to create seven beds for the treatment of male youths who are addicted to crystal meth, it marked another milestone in the journey to help children who have been caught up in the web of drug abuse.

Up until the budget announcement, the only treatment beds for crystal meth users were for girls.

But treatment is only one front of a three-pronged attack on the scourges of the toxic cocktail that destroys brain cells, families and lives. The other two are enforcement and education.

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, March 02

News Articles: Maple Ridge Meth task force expands scope
Public MeetingsThe Maple Ridge crystal meth task force is expanding its mandate to include all addictions and mental illness.

Doing so doesn't mean a name change for the group, which formed in 2004 to tackle a surge in crystal meth addiction among homeless people and youth in the community.

"I think that would create serious problems if we change the name of the task force that has been funded provincially," said task force chair Mary Robson.

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Posted by cryadmin on Friday, January 05

Public Meetings: The message was crystal clear — meth kills ...
Public MeetingsThe message was crystal clear — meth kills, and the end won’t be pretty.

Members of Crystal Meth Victoria Society made a presentation to Parkland secondary students this week to reinforce that message.

The Meth Info Show educates youth on how to recognize crystal methamphetamine, the effects that it has on the body and the devastation it wreaks on families. An 18-minute video that pulls no punches, Death by Jib, was shown to the students. The video was followed by an open question period with presenters and Crystal Meth Victoria Society cofounders Mark McLaughlin and Marilyn Erickson.

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Posted by cryadmin on Monday, December 11

Public MeetingsLadysmith is no different than any other community when it comes to Crystal Meth. Though it may not be immediately apparent, it is here and it is nasty.

"I'm told that Crystal Meth is extremely powerful. Use it once and you get addicted," said Ladysmith RCMP Staff Sgt. Charlie Schall. He reports that police have already closed down a meth lab on Esplanade Avenue and have made other seizures in Ladysmith.

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Posted by cryadmin on Sunday, December 03