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Enforcement Local Police Are Being Proactive In Stopping The Problem Before It Starts

Methamphetamines have yet to make a strong presence in the region, but law enforcement officials are keeping a sharp lookout for the highly addictive drug.

The RCMP issued a press release on May 7, warning high school and university students in the Fredericton area to be aware of drug dealers selling meth as other drugs, particularly ecstasy.

"While ecstasy and meth are both very dangerous drugs, meth is especially addictive and deadly," Sgt. Mary Ann MacNeil wrote in the release. MacNeil is a member of the RCMP's Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Services.

Here in Carleton County, the RCMP said they haven't had to deal with the problem in area schools yet. Sgt. Dave Vautour of the District 7 RCMP said it may become a problem in the future and the RCMP are taking steps to educate people on the dangers of methamphetamines and other drugs.

The Woodstock Police Force is also taking steps. Cpl. John Foster said he created an education program to deal specifically with methamphetamines.

"It's such a scary drug," Foster said of meth.

Foster said studies have shown 96 per cent of people who try meth are addicted after the first use. He added fewer than six per cent of meth users are able to kick the habit and stay clean.

Foster said his program has been seen by Grade 8 students at Woodstock Middle School, and students from all grades at Woodstock High School.

"There's no scare tactics," he said.

Foster said the program simply gives students the facts about the drug, as well as the consequences of using.

Foster said he's also held a workshop for teachers at WHS before the school year.

"I've shown it probably 20 times," he said.

Foster said the program is constantly changing based on feedback from participants.

"If there's something missing that they want to know, it goes in," he said.

As for a meth problem in Woodstock, Foster said, there have a been a few small incidents, but it has yet to become a major problem.

"I'm sure we have some people who have been using it for some time," Foster said. "But it hasn't affected their job or their life yet."

Foster said he's always ready to give his presentation to anyone interested.

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