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Personal Stories: THE DOPE'S SIDE Poem #3
Crystal Meth Users mizzem writes "From crystalrecovery.com where you can view the rest of Lisa's poems.

Thank you so much for posting my poetry. I have been clean for 4 months now. I am hoping many more people will read all of my poems and if 1 person gets something out of it, at least I'll know I made a difference. Thanks, Lisa

The Dopes Side #3

Hello, my friends, I have arrived, to talk to you alone,
If you're really smart, you'll not allow me in your home.
I'll tell you I'm the final friend that you'll meet here today,
so just sit back and listen to what I have to say.
If you really like me, and most people will agree,
you'll find out that I'm not cheap, nothing is for free.
I'll charge you for my friendship, though my friendship is not real.
But you will choose to keep me around because of how I make you feel.
At first I'll bring into your life all that makes you feel just great
but by the time I'm done with you, it may be way to late.
I am made of household things, though it takes a little while.
But when I'm done I'm sure you'll think that I'm well worth the while.
Before I tell you more of me, do you have a piece of glass?
This is where I like to lie, before I kick your ass.
Some people like to burn me, they say they like the smell.
The feelings that I'll make you feel, will make you wish I'd go to hell.
It takes a while for most to see the destruction that I do,
but only one can stop me, and that person would be you.
And if you think I'll go away like an empty bag,
think again, you'll use me until you feel like an old rag.
First I want to take from you, all that you've worked for,
even then I don't believe that I'll have evened up the score.
The points will be on my side, my plan will not be foiled,
you users use me, until you're really spoiled.
I'll take more than you have got, as you look around you'll see.
Your home, your life, your very soul still I won't set you free.
Once I have taken all that you've got, I'm not finished yet, you see.
I'll take the ones that you love most, even they won't run from me.
You'll be lucky if you are left with a roof above your head.
You see I might just stick around until I see you dead.
And if all the things I take from you don't mean enough to you to know,
I'll stay with you forever, until you can't make me go.
I have not a soul or a heart, at times I'm cold as ice.
You'd be REALLY stupid to think I might be nice.
So, you see you're not immune to all I have to give.
And if you don't abuse me, I might just let you live.
But, by the time I'm finished, YOU'LL have wished upon ME death,
and on my lonely tombstone, just put my name is "Meth"

Lisa, Little Rock, Arkansas, Jul 09, 2005

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